PNEURO, our new bio-inspired processor (made in France) for embedded or coprocessing AI applications.


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PNeuro, bio-inspired processor fully working in parallel. The architecture has been developed during a french project where GST was leader of the project and the technology specialist, CEA-List one of the world reference of this scientific area and 5 industrial partners…



This architecture has been presented with a demonstrator unit during the Embedded World 2016 in Germany. Mid 2018, GST will commercialize the PNeuro architecture implemented on its NeuroFPGA 2 (on FPGA) with the final target to get the ASIC implementation end 2018.


PNeuro will allow to implement efficiently neural algorithms « deep network » such as HMax, CNN. The PNeuro processor concept, unique at least in Europe, allows to develop either complex applications of pattern recognition on embedded and autonomous system or application with requirement of high volume of data to process.

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