GlobalSensing Technologies



GST (GlobalSensing Technologies), pattern recognition and embedded electronic system specialist, designs and markets new micro-electronic systems using artificial intelligence through its Neural Network Technology, which allows decision making just right next to the sensor (camera, microphone, vibration sensor,...). 



GST competitive edges:

► Embedded systems: stand-alone, no computer needed,

Multi-sensors capability,

► Decision making in real-time

► Low power consumption around 2 Watts per system,

► ​Easy to upgrade thanks to its Neural Networks architecture 

(learning by examples).

► Quick to put in place: the system adapts itself to its environment,

► All systems developed can be transferable in Software.


Business sector 1: Human



► Safety area / perimeter for factories or security business,

► Interaction with human in home automation,

► Human postures detection for elderly persons,

► Pedestrian detection in automobile industry,

► Face  analysis for asleep detection, eyes catching, emotions detection and face recognition.


Business sector 2: Industry




► Quality control, surface inspection,

► Use of Robots for anomaly detection, product selection, identification,

► Use of Drones for fissures analysis for civil engineering structures, map making, agriculture disease detection,

► Signal analysis, machine maintenance, wear analysis of parts.


You can also find some examples of videos on the following link: Videos


GST is committed to be always at the cutting edge of the technology in terms of real time pattern recognition applications in order to bring an added value to many industries such as: