NeuroIP-Security, the Intrusion Detection System for Smart Video Surveillance



GST is glad to present its intrusion detection system NeuroIP-Security for Smart Video Surveillance.


The system NeuroIP-Security manages up to 4 IP cameras in real-time and detects efficiently any coming human intrusion on the protected area. When an intrusion is detected, the system is able to send alarms through switching output contact, mail, Telnet, API REST,... 


NeuroIP-Security has been developed with a deep learning core in order to give it the possibility to be easily customizable in case of areas to protect with special conditions.






The NeuroFPGA board is introducing a new way of pattern recognition into embedded systems (very low consumption and upgradable) for a wide range of applications


The board suits for pattern recognition, quick sorting, tracking,… in various fields such as security, defense, production and manufacturing industries and medical.


Smart NeuroCam




The Smart NeuroCam, developed by GST, is a smart camera integrating our NeuroFPGA and an Aptina sensor. Thanks to its advanced technology this camera has the potential to recognize anything in real time.




GNP 2013 (GST Neuro Platform)



GNP 2013 is the GST software solution which emulates a neural network system for learning and recognizing quickly a digital signal in a simple way.

GNP 2013 is the right solution to validate processes of complex recognition and create a knowledge base answering your requirements.


By teaching samples, detecting objects, recognizing humans,… you will obtain the expected results in no time.